Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Make Headboard Bench Cushion

When I made this Headboard Bench I mentioned that I was going to make a cushion.  I have the cushion completed!

A BIG Thank you goes out to my friend Linda as she provided the foam for the cushion!  She found this big piece in her stored supplies.  It was 6" thick, and square, which was too short for the bench and too thick.

She even brought the electric knife to cut the foam with!  We laid the foam on the bench and used a marker to mark how wide to cut the foam.  (We then decided to cut from the other side hence the reason for the squiggly.  Ha!)  We then used spray on adhesive.  This was my first using this product.  I must say, I was IMPRESSED!!

Thank you Linda!

I forgot to take pictures while I was laying out the fabric to measure it to go around the foam.  I just wrapped it around the foam and checked the length a couple of times, then just cut it off.

For those that were here earlier, please accept my apologies as from below here the post did not appear.  I do not know what happened, but it appears to be working now.

I rolled over the raw edges until all you could see was the 'pretty' fabric. 

After sewing those two edges, I wrapped it around the foam again to measure and pin for the end seams.  There is quite a bit of an overlap of the edges. 
I also attempted to pin the corners at this point (it didn't work too well, but I'll show you later what I did do.)
I sewed straight down the end seams, I then had to put the cover back on the foam and mark the corners with my red colored pencil.

You can see the red markings on the corner waiting to be sewn, it is hard to see them on the corner under the light of the sewing machine.  I laid the corners flat and sewed across them to give them that nice square look.  I turned the cover, stuffed it with the foam… and… wa la… a cushion!

 What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by!  I truly do appreciate it!

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  1. I love the look of the old bench - you must show us the complete AFTER! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my origami garland :)

  2. hey girl! where's the after? :)

    I bet it looks great. Gosh I hope you're okay ... I heard about a dust storm or something. Only caught bits and pieces on the news.


  3. Wow, now that's something! Love the vintage floral pattern, it goes well with the charm of the bench :) Great job!

  4. That little bench looks so cute and inviting! Great job!

  5. LOVE it toqua! your bench looks super!


  6. The whole thing looks amazing! I have not needed to tackle a seat cushion yet, but you make it look easy enough!


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