Monday, July 30, 2012

Thorn Birds an Altered Book Project

Altered Book Project #1
“Thorn Birds”

My friend Jen is back with another project from Sunshine Greetings!
Continue reading to see how Jen did this...

Hard Bound Book:  Thorn Birds (this came from a Goodwill type store)
2 small ceramic decorative plates
Saying (a page taken out of a saying book)
Bible Verse
Scrapbook Background Paper
Marking Pen
Exact-o Knife
Sponge Brushes
Wax Paper
Wood blocks
Elmer’s X-treme School Glue Stick
Elmer’s Glue
Gold Pen
Gold Glitter Glue
Mod Podge
    Bookmark:  fancy ribbon, decorative trim, etc.
    Easel or plate stand


1.             Open Book at center.
2.             Decide the layout of the items that you want to display in the book.
3.             Took make the plates fit even in the open pages, trace around the plate with a marking pen and the use an Exact-o knife or scissors to cut out a hole for each plate (see photos)

4.             On one side of book, glue book pages to leaf then splay edges of pages and smear with Zip Dry Paper Glue on edges with a sponge brush.  Note:  You have to work quickly because the glue dries very quickly.
5.             Slide pages back together.
6.             Place a piece of wax paper down over display pages before adding wood block to top and bottom of book.  This keeps wood blocks from sticking to the book.

7.             Apply clamp and screw down tightly to sandwich the book between the blocks and allow glue to dry overnight.

8.             Repeat steps 4-7 for the other side of the book.
9.             Lay a decorative sheet of scrapbook paper over book and cut to fit book.
10.         Measure and trace plates to make holes in the decorative to match holes in book pages.
11.         Fold Decorative page in half.
12.         Cover wrong side of decorative page with Zip Dry Paper Glue
13.         Place fold of decorative in center of book while matching up holes and edges to book and press firmly to adhere decorative page to book.

14.         Using Elmer Glue, fix plates to book.
15.         Place a heavy rock on plates to weight them down until the glue dries.
16.         Cut out a saying from a book using an Exact-o knife.
17.         Use a paper cutter to even edges.
18.         Print a Bible verse on white or colored paper while matching font and size of saying.
19.         Use Elmer’s extreme school glue stick to glue saying and verse to book.
20.         Cover decorative paper, saying, and Bible verse with a layer of Mod Podge using a sponge brush.
21.         Apply gold Glitter Glue to book edges.

22.         Allow to dry for an hour or two.
23.         Glue a book mark to top center of book’s binder (Optional)
24.         Display open book on an easel or plate stand (Optional)

What a nice homemade gift this would make for someone.  Jen has promised me this isn't the only book she plans on doing!

Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section for Jen and I will make sure she sees them.

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  1. Very nice - great idea. Joining from Inspire me Monday - and new follower.

  2. that's cool! A great gift for a lover of books. (not me) I don't read books...haven't since I had to start wearing glasses. :(

    Love how this altered book turned out, and the rock cracked me up!



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