Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pop up Bat Card

My step-mother-in-law REALLY likes pop up books and cards. I found instructions for a pop up bat card here.  My mind IMMEDIATELY went to Carol.

I printed and cut out the bat.  I knew I wanted it to be black so I traced it onto black construction paper and I thought it would be cute on orange construction paper.


Construction paper is usually larger than "regular" copy paper, so I laid a piece of copy paper over the construction paper so I would know how much to cut it down.

The paper I used to put on top of the construction paper had stuff printed on it, so I just blocked it out for this picture.
I wanted the card to fit easily in the "Half Fold" card envelopes I already have. 

I folded the card in half and measured down from the top 1" and made a pencil line.

Then I glued on the feet base on in place

Then I erased the pencil line I made earlier

 I followed the instructions for folding the bat.  I glued the bat to the feet.

Then I opened and closed the card... quite pleased with myself that I succeeded!  

Then... Well then... that BLANK card stared me in the face.  Hmmm... what should I do now???  Hmmm...

Well... I have a whole packet of construction paper

Then the wheels started turning in my head... I thought about having a moon and more bats on the front.  So I dug out my Silhouette...

I downloaded a few new items, and used a few items I already had
I "ungrouped" this design, and moved the center out and cut it out of the yellow as well as cutting it all out of the black.

There is a blue spot behind the black spot for the spider's eyes.  I used only the larger of the two and made it a black eye spot.

I cut the eyes out of black.  I tried it two ways, cutting the holes in the white, and not cutting the holes in the white for placement... I'm not sure which was easier.

I deleted the bat and the moon
I cut the eyes and the mouth pieces out of yellow so they would look more like jack-o-lanterns
I did an Internet search to see if anyone else had used the Silhouette to cut construction paper, but I could not find anything.  I used the default settings for "Patterned Paper" (speed 5 thickness 30) and it worked well.  Yes, I used a mat to hold the paper.  I thought... well, since I'm cutting with the Silhouette I may as well make, hmmm... I don't know FOUR cards instead of just one!  My hubby has both of his grandmothers that are still alive (both are sneaking up on 100!) They will *LOVE* these cards!

Then I started gluing...

Well, that tree branch isn't exactly what I was thinking!  LOL
I simply drew a line with my pen from the tree branch to the spider for his web.
This picture is missing the yellow for the jack-o-lanterns and for the bat's eyes.
I made a gluing oops with one of the cards and decided to download a witch's hat to cover up my oops
I only used the hat of this group.  But look at what all I got with my $0.99 purchase!?!?
Once I had the hat cut out and glued on I then glued on some blue glitter for the hat band.

I apologize for the following pictures... for some reason they all came out blurry... :( 

I covered up my boo-boo with the witch's hat, and I played with the placement of the hat on the other cards, and played with the placement of the ghosts.

Unfortunately the pictures I took of all the fronts came out really bad... and because I have mailed the cards I cannot take them again.  But... they all are quite similar to this one.

So, there you have it...  YES, you can use construction paper with the Silhouette!  

Play with your placements and have fun!

Mail, and I have NO DOUBT that your recipients will truly enjoy your efforts.

Happy Halloween!

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