Sunday, November 11, 2012

How I cut an avocado

You may think this is somewhat of a silly post... but... I had a friend awhile back show me that she literally peeled the avocado, like one would peel an orange.  I must have been standing there with my mouth open, because she said, "What's wrong?"  I simply stated, "I've never seen anyone fix an avocado that way."
So... I thought I would share with the rest of you how I cut an avocado.

After you get your avocado and a knife, cut it in half:

Slice the avocado (you can also slice it horizontally so it comes out chopped!)

Get a spoon and scoop the meat out of the skin or shell:

Place the meat of the avocado in a bowl to use / eat / enjoy:
(Now aren't those lovely yellow bowls?!?!  LOL  Extra points if you can tell me where they came from!)

Using your spoon, remove the pit from the other half of the avocado and repeat the process:

Wa La!!  You're done!!

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  1. I whack the pit with a knife. :) It pops right off.

  2. Great tip. I love avacados. I appreciate you sharing on "I Gotta Try That"


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