Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crocheted Fall Pumpkins

I decided to crochet some pumpkins the other day.  They all went together quickly and easily.  I consider this more of a "Fall" decoration as opposed to a "Halloween" decoration.

I shipped the larger one and two of the smaller ones to my daughter and her boys.  I purposely did not make them into Jack-o-lanterns as I did not want them to be specifically Halloween, but for fall.  My husband told me he liked the color (Red Heart "Carrot").  He said they looked more natural than the typical bright orange color.  (Awww... thanks sweetie!!)  The green is leftover yarn I had from another project from a couple (? five ?) years ago.  So I am sorry I cannot provide the color name for the green. 

I watched the video here to get the pattern for the small pumpkin pattern.  It is a fairly quick video and worth watching.  You can get the printed pattern here. Teresa opts to sew the stem on last, I opted to sew it on before the leaves. 

The large pumpkin is basically a combination of that pattern and the pumpkin pattern here.  It is worth noting that the picture here shows a large and a small pumpkin, but the pattern is for the large pumpkin only.  

I liked how the smaller pumpkin worked so that it naturally curved at the ends so that you didn't have so much to gather and sew together.  

From the pattern for the small pumpkins it states:
Row 1: 1 SC in each of the next 3 CH's, 1 DC in ea of the next 7 CH's, 1 SC in ea of the next 3 CH's, turn. I did not chain 1 on the turn for this project.
Row 2- 19: 1 SC in loop behind each of the next 3 SC, 1 DC in loop behind ea of the next 7 DC, 1 SC in loop behind ea of the next 3 SC, turn.
From the pattern for the larger pumpkin it states that you need to chain 25, and *Ch 1 and sc into the back loop only, all the way across.*
 for 40 rows.  (Essentially you're creating a rectangle.) 

I opted to chain the 25, turn 1 SC in the next 5 ch's, 1 DC in each of the next 14 ch's, 1 SC in each of the next 5 ch's  ( 5 + 5 + 14 = 24) I continued to follow the instructions for the small pumpkins.

I did use the stem pattern from the larger pumpkin pattern for the larger pumpkin.

I basically assembled the larger pumpkin the same as the smaller pumpkins.  

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  1. Those are pretty. :) I like pumpkins for November too.

  2. oh so cute pumpkins my friend! I have never every crocheted in my life. my mom and sister could do it in their sleep!



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