Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Tree Sees You!

A few days (OK) weeks ago I saw this picture making it's rounds on Pinterest
I fell in *LOVE* with this!!  And I thought to myself that I HAVE to do this for Halloween!  I pinned it here on Pinterest.  Want to see how I did it?  Just keep reading!

We have a pool and we try to keep pool toys for the kids that come to use it. 
We had these beach balls in the shed.

I know the smaller one is a 20" ball because it was still in a package.  That one from the 99 cent store, I actually got it for free a couple of years ago. 

I put 3 white kitchen trash bags onto each beach ball.  The corners of the bags poked out so I folded them in and put a piece of tape on the fold to keep the corner tucked in.  (Sorry no picture of that step)

I then took a black plastic yard bag and folded it in half, and half again, and again (somewhat like what you would do to create a paper snowflake) and snipped it across the top.  It was still too big, so I will show you the steps here.  The above photo shows the circle I ended up with from the above steps.

I folded it in half

And in half again

And in half again...

And yet again. 

Then I cut it straight across

My final step was that I taped the black "eyeballs" to the eyes.  I used a piece of Scotch type tape to hold them in place I then used clear packaging tape to hold them on better.

I literally tied the bags to the tree branches.  We have to be careful here in AZ as the trees here have thorns on them just like the cactus!  Luckily we had our trees trimmed recently so there wasn't a lot of little branches on this tree that had a lot of thorns.
(For those that think they are seeing things... yes, the tree bark is green.  This is a Palo Verde Tree and is the Arizona State Tree. It has been the state tree since 1954.)

LOL aren't they great?!
They're a little odd ball shaped... but I think they are fitting for the tree.

Trees and things grow in a few little odd shapes.

My brain is working on how can I put a glow stick inside that little tiny air hole... ... 

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  1. hahaha FUN! Love your tree Toqua. I had now idea about green trunk trees or that they have thorns. hmmm I live in a small bubble. :)
    have a great week!

  2. Love it! This would certainly make ya do a double take as you're driving by.


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