Thursday, February 21, 2013

I did it!!!

Ever since I started my new job back in December 2012 I've been walking with some new friends.  We've been walking once a week up Tumamoc Hill in Tucson.  If you ever want a cardio workout that does not involve a dance class, a gym, or your living room... take a walk UP Tumamoc Hill! 

You gain 730 feet in elevation on the 1.5 mile walk / hike up the hill.  The hill is "fire road paved."  Meaning it's not the smoothest or widest paved road, but it is paved.  Once in awhile you do have to move over for a vehicle coming down, or going up the one vehicle wide road. 

Tumamoc Hill at 3108 feet, is located west of downtown Tucson, Arizona and is home to many radio, television, and public safety transmitters. The University of Arizona (UA) owns a 340-acre preserve and leases another 509 acres as a research and education facility. The Steward Observatory maintains a small astronomical observatory with a 20-inch telescope on the hill. Besides being a prominent landmark, Tumamoc Hill has a long and varied history, and is currently an important site for ecological and anthropological research as well as a refuge and an opportunity for the people of Tucson. (source)

I am sadly very much out of shape.  It has taken me since mid-late December, once a week, to today to make it to the top!!!  Once you no longer get a workout from walking up and down Tumamoc... you can start running it just like so many others do.  

Do you see the deer?  We saw these last week on the side of the road.  They're so used to people they didn't even budge!


Here's a close-up.  These were with my cell phone at dusk... sorry the quality is not that good.
Hey, it's ME! At the top of Tumamoc Hill!!
It's me again... only this time you can see the views of the city behind me.


The views are SPECTACULAR! When you're in town... meet us at Tumamoc Hill, 5 p.m. You can walk with us.  If you're slow, like me, you can walk with me.  If you're speedy like my friends, you can walk with them. 

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  1. I used to walk it when I lived there...

  2. yay Toqua! doesn't it feel good to accomplish something like this! so happy for you

    keep it up girl!
    it's a beautiful view, well worth it!


  3. Way to go Toqua! I always say one steo at a time and measure your success one step at a time! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a kind comment about my black and linen dresser.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Walking Tumamoc hill is pretty impressive. I have never done it. The closest I have been is driving up A Mountain.


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