Sunday, March 17, 2013

100 years of life

Can you imagine what one would have seen in 100 years of life?  


My bestest girlfriend Emily (we've been friends since Kindergarten) has a grandma turning 100 in April, 2013.  She would like to be able to give her grandma 100 birthday cards for her birthday.  Would you be willing to send her a card?  If you would please leave a comment with a way I can contact you with a mailing address. Personally I think it would be neat to have a couple of cards from outside the United States.  (On a side note: My husband's grandma is turning 100 in August 2013!  His other grandma is 97'ish).

There have been 17 different US Presidents in the last 100 years.

I found a list of highlights of the past 100 years here. I have listed a few that I found most interesting. This list went only through 2000.  What have you found most interesting in the last 13 years?  I have added a few others to the initial list I felt worth mentioning.

1913: the modern brassiere and crossword puzzle are invented (I wonder if the bras were
         padded in 1913 like you can find in so many stores today? LOL)
1914: gas mask invented in time for WWI
1915: Pyrex invented (AMAZING!!  And we're still using today!)
1916: Model T Ford prices fall to $360 -- half the 1911 price
1917: modern zipper invented
1920: Band-Aid invented
1922: insulin invented
1923: Clarence Birdseye introduces frozen food
1924: spiral-bound notebooks first appear
1928: Fleming discovers penicillin; Schick patents the electric shaver
1929: Zenith Radio starts year as lowest priced stock on NYSE -- ends year as highest priced
         stock due to demand for its radios; Paul Galvin (later president of Motorola) invents
         the car radio
1930: Scotch tape invented at 3M; first jet engine designs
1933: stereo records developed
1935: Dupont invents nylon; radar first developed; and beer is canned for the first time
1936: Colt's revolver patented
1937: photocopier invented
1938: ballpoint pen and Teflon invented
1940: Jeep designed; US Census counted 132.2 million people (here)
1941: aerosol spray cans developed
1943: synthetic rubber invented, along with the Slinky and Silly Putty; Cousteau co-
         develops the aqualung
1944: synthetic cortisone developed
1945: atomic bomb developed and used
1946: microwave oven invented by Percy Spencer after he melts chocolate bar in his pocket
1948: Velcro and the jukebox invented (Interesting how we're still using Velcro, 
         but the jukebox is totally outdated!)
1949: prepared cake mixes introduced
1950: Diner's Club introduces first credit card (How many different cards are in your pocket
         or purse now?)
1951: Super Glue invented; so is first video tape recorder
1952: first bar code patent issued; first diet soft drink developed
1953: transistor radio invented at Texas Instruments (TI); radial tire developed
         (I used to have a transistor radio!)
1954: oral contraceptives invented; Ray Kroc starts franchising McDonald's
1956: first use of computer hard disk
1958: first legal interracial marriage (found here) and (here)
1959: important to generations of girls -- the Barbie Doll is introduced
1962: audio cassettes developed
1963: pop-top cans
1964: BASIC computer language; permanent-press materials
1968: Douglas Englebert invents the computer mouse
1969: ATM machine invented; Arpanet also appears and bar code scanners developed
1970: Alan Shugart (chairman of hard drive supplier Seagate) invents the floppy disk
1971: Intel's 4004 is first microprocessor design; dot-matrix printer, VCR and LCD displays
         also invented
1972: first video game -- Pong -- invented
         (I remember playing Pong!! My oldest brother brought it home from college for us.)
1973: gene splicing invented; Ethernet networking invented at Xerox; BIC develops
         disposable lighter; 
1974: Post-it Notes and liposuction invented
1975: laser printer developed
1976: ink jet printing invented
1977: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) invented
1981: IBM introduces the PC and MS-DOS appears for the first time
1983: soft bifocal contact lenses introduced
1984: Apple Macintosh popularizes the graphical interface; CD-ROMs invented
1985: Microsoft brings out Windows 1.0
         First solar car invented (here) (You would think they would be more developed in the
         last 28 years!)
1986: Microsoft's initial public offering (IPO); first disposable camera introduced
1987: disposable contact lenses invented
1988: Doppler radar invented; first patent issued for genetically-engineered animal issued
1991: first digital answering machine
1995: DVD invented; Java language launched by Sun Microsystems;
1996: WebTV introduced (That didn't last long!!)
1999: is formed and the search engine goes into beta test publicly
2000: mapping of human DNA completed
         Worldwide 361 million Internet users (here)
2001: 9/11 (here) (How many remember "9/11" but have a hard time remembering the
2010: US Census counted 308.7 million people (here)  
         Worldwide almost 10 billion Internet users (here)

Again; if you'd be interested in mailing a birthday card to my friends grandma to wish her a happy 100th birthday, leave me a comment and I will email you an address to mail it to.


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  1. You don't have anything for 1957 (the year I was born)
    I can't believe velcro is that old!
    You can email me the address... but I won't make any promises... I hate the usps.... I don't ever have any stamps. :)

    1. Isn't AMAZING about Velcro?! And really it hasn't changed (other than you can get it in stick on now.) What about Pyrex too?

      I went to the original site showing the list:

      1956: first use of computer hard disk
      1957: Fortran developed
      1958: Noyce (at Fairchild Semiconductor) and Kilby (at TI) both submit patents for integrated circuits

      I remember thinking, "What the heck is Fortran??"

      So, I did a search on it...

      Fortran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Fortran (previously FORTRAN) is a general-purpose, imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific ...

      So... that's why I didn't include it on the list. LOL

  2. Wow....what an awesome list! Thanks for sharing. I am going to try to get back into the swing of things around here. have a Blessed Easter!


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