Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pinterest in your toolbar in 5 easy steps

Did you know you can have a Pinterest button on your toolbar?

I had a Pinterest button my toolbar, but it quit working so I 'had' to on a search to find how to fix it.  It is GREAT for pinning when the site doesn't have it's own pin button.

I ran across this site; Pin League 

Their instructions are written for Firefox (which I use) and for the older version of Pinterest.  Since I have the newer version of Pinterest, I thought I would offer the instructions here.  You do not have to have Firefox to follow these instructions.  
1) Log into Pinterest

     After you log on you should see this at the very top of your page

2) Click on the "menu" button from the top left
     After you click you should see:
3) Click on the "About" button
     After you click About you should see:

4) Click the "Goodies" button
     After you click Goodies you will see this (or whatever they have changed it to by the time you read this)

     Scroll down the "The Pin It Button"

5) Draaaggg the button to your toolbar (just as they say).

Wa La...

You now have a "Pin It" button on your toolbar!!  Now you can pin from all of those sites that do not have pin buttons on their posts.

My button looks like this: 
So don't freak out if it doesn't look red and say "Pin It" on it.  It WORKS and that is all I care about!

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