Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crocheting Hats: Charmander and Minions!

Hello!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

I have SO WANTED to post for quite some time now!  Today, I simply made time to do it.

I have been busy crocheting lately.  Hats.  We don't need them here in southern Arizona, so I started out crocheting for my boys (grandsons) that live in northern Nevada.  

I have a few photos to show you...

Here is the first two hats I made this winter:

I saw a picture of this hat online.  I went to the shop where it was sold, and asked if they would sell the pattern to me.  I was told they don't have a pattern.  So, I created my own.

 I have seen so many Minion hats on Pinterest!  I used the same basic hat pattern I used for the above Charmander hat, only I added stripes and eyes.  Wah Lah!  You have a Minion hat!  I gave these to the boys at Thanksgiving while we were in Nevada.  I just couldn't wait until Christmas!  
(I since also made them slippers for Christmas.  HaHa!)

For Thanksgiving we were at my hubs brother's house.  He is engaged to a lovely lady and with her comes a couple of "new to us nieces".  One of the girls even dressed up like a Minion for Halloween.  I told Mom that I would make her a hat.  This is what I came up with.  It went in the mail this week.

There is a couple here in southern Arizona that are pretty good friends with us.  They are really fun to be with.  They wanted Minion hats too!!  So I made a couple more.  (Belated Christmas gifts for them.)

 I have thus far tried to make them all different.  

When I delivered these two last night I ended up with an order for three more hats!  Only this time it will be one boy and two girl hats.  Our friends' daughter wants them (for adults).  It is great to have fun in life!

What fun and crazy item have you made recently?
I like these as they are practical as well as fun and crazy!

If you are interested in instructions I can post them.  But, really, just use any basic hat pattern, add a couple of stripes, and figure out a couple of eyes and you are set to go.

Now... back to my busy life... 

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