Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Van's Look Alike Slippers

My two grandsons wear Van's shoes.  I am not 100% sure, but I believe I was strolling along on Pinterest when I saw one of these two pictures and it caught my eye.  (I cannot remember which picture it was!)
I thought those look nice!  I knew two boys that I knew absolutely had to have new slippers!  :)  
I ordered the pattern via Ravelry (source) but you can also go to the designer's blog and order from there if you would rather (source).

Check below for photos of the slippers I made for my grandsons...

My youngest grandson's most current favorite color is orange.  So of course his slippers were ORANGE!

My oldest grandson is growing up too fast!  Those are my feet in his slippers in the #3 photo!

I did research on the 'net and found out that if you use puff paint, Plasti-Dip, Caulking / Silicone or you can also buy material to sew on to make slippers non-slip.  Moogly has a post about 7 different ways to do this (source).  Unfortunately I did not find that post until after I had done quite a bit of research.  LOL  IF you choose to use caulking, one tip I found was if you keep your fingers wet, the caulking won't stick to your fingers.

I just stuffed my slippers with newspaper.  
I wanted to get my slippers in the mail as soon as possible (I'm a tardy grandma).
I weighed my options as to which would be the quickest.  I opted to try the puff paint on the soles of the slippers.  I didn't really have the time (or desire) to go to the store to purchase material to sew on and I didn't want to wait (possibly) several days for the caulking / silicone to cure (dry).  So, I went with the puff paint!  As you can see I didn't get very fancy with a pattern or anything.  (I saw some people on the 'net drawing pictures with the paint!  Oh My!)

My youngest grandson started counting the dots on the bottom of his slippers.  LOL

When he put them on he said, "Wow Mom! They even fit!" "And Mom they're ORANGE!"

My oldest grandson said, "They're a little big, but I'll grow into them."  (His feet are long and narrow.  The slippers are wider than his feet.)

I asked my daughter to take pictures of their feet.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to slow down an 8 year old and a 4 year old long enough to take pictures of their feet??  I told my daughter to tell them their feet would be "famous" LOL So... here are their famous feet!

Have you made slippers for yourself? Members of your family? Friends?
Have you ever tried to make them non-slip?

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  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for liking my stuff. Those slippers look fantastic. You're wonderful. Thank you.

    1. You are quite welcome Shush! THANK YOU for creating the pattern so my grandsons could have slippers to match their shoes!

  2. Those are just awesome. Great job Toqua! I bet they loved them! I will have to ask them about them....and I'll give them a hug from you.. (The other grandma) :)

  3. Those are just awesome. Great job Toqua! I bet they loved them! I will have to ask them about them....and I'll give them a hug from you.. (The other grandma) :)

  4. I love the look of these slippers and have them on my to-make list. I was excited to find this post and was hoping to find your thoughts on the pattern. Were they easy to make? What did you think of the pattern?

    1. Heidi, yes they were easy to make. It's been nearly a year since I made these, and I do not recall any issues with following the pattern. I would definitely make them again! Thank you for visiting!


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