Saturday, March 22, 2014

Van's for a friend

Have you ever made anything for someone and it turns out to be a memorial?

I recently made these Van's look-like slippers for my grandsons.  When I posted this onto my Facebook page one of my friends saw it and ordered a pair.  She wanted pea green. I saw on the web that Lion's Brand Vanna's Choice had a "Pea Green", but I could not find it here where I live.  So I found this "Seaspray Mist", which is also a Vanna's Choice yarn. I took a picture of it and messaged it to my friend and asked if it was ok.  I told her I could either look more, or I could order it from the web if she really preferred the Pea Green. She said the Seaspray Mist would be just fine!.  

Don't you think they worked up beautifully?

I was nearly done with my crocheting of the slippers when her son posted that she had died. Needless to say along with all of her other friends, I was in total shock!  She was young (early 50's). She had had some health issues, but we all thought she was getting better.  I understand she passed away in her sleep.  I was chatting with her on FB the night before she went to visit the Lord.  She is no longer in pain.  God bless my friend.  She was an amazing person.

I contacted her son.  I told him that I was making the slippers for her.  Initially she was going to buy them from me, but I simply could not sell them now.  I asked him if he still wanted me to finish them.  He said yes.  

I wonder if these slippers will ever be worn, or simply left as a memorial for a wonderfully kind person? 

Rest in peace my friend. Rest in peace.  You are thought about from so many people. I know your husband and you son miss you.  Your friends miss you.  

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  1. Ohh, I'm sorry for the loss that so many friends and family are feeling for this lovely woman. I'm glad the son said yes, to finish them.


    1. Gail, thank you. Her son told me tonight that he put the slippers next to her ashes. That made me feel so good. :)


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