Monday, April 16, 2012

A Birdbath Made from Repurposed Items

Many of you know that my friend Jen has posted here several times.  She doesn't have a blog of her own, so I showoff her creativity for her.  The first thing she posted was her headboard garden bench, second was her repurposed candle holder, then her super easy pillows, and finally she and her husband “helped” with my headboard bench.  As I have previously stated Jen takes photographs and makes her own greeting cards thus "Sunshine Greetings" on the pictures.  Jen and I went "thrifting" and she came home with this:

Chipped Enamel Tin Basin (this one is 15" in diameter)
Tall Glass Vase (this one is 16" tall)
Sea Shells
Stepping Stone
Fingernail Polish


1.     Thoroughly clean the basin, shells, and vase.
2.     Paint any chipped enamel with matching nail polish and allow polish to dry.
3.     Arrange seashells in vase that will become the neck of the birdbath.
4.     Fill vase with water and add a ¼ cup bleach to prevent algae.
5.     Place a stepping stone in a flat area of your garden.
6.     Set the vase filled with bleach water and shells onto center of stepping stone.
7.     Place center of basin over the top of the vase.
8.     Fill basin with water.
9.     Wait for the birds to come for a refreshing drink or to take a bath.
10.  Enjoy!

What a wonderfully creative friend I have!!

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  1. Jen emailed me:

    Dear Toqua,

    Nice complimentary blog but you forgot to say that the seashells were yours and you're the sounding board for my unusual ideas - LOL.

    Glad to be show cased, though instructions were just my way of saying thanks for helping me with the finds and to share the success of a good day of "finding".

    With lots of smiles and love, :)-Jen

  2. Oh wow...that is so cool! I think I may just hit the thrift stores tomorrow! Thinking of looking for things to repurpose for our Ladies Spring Tea! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  3. how fun!you know I love a great repurpose, and I love helping out the birds!

  4. This is really fun! So unique and the finished product is really cute.


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