Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tooth Pillow (round 2)

Back in August 2011 I made this tooth pillow for my oldest grandson. My daughter told me that D still sleeps with it.  He loves it!  Now, J is nearly coming up to the time in life where he will also be needing a tooth pillow.  My daughter said that I should make one just like D's.  So this is what I came up with.

I looked at what scraps of material I had.  I honestly could not even tell you what I used this mottled green for, or for that matter when I used it last!  J has decided orange is his favorite color.  So everything has to have orange on it.  The monster has orange teeth and orange eyes.

Here's a reminder of what the first one looks like.

They are just different enough though that the boys can tell them apart, yet should not argue because they are the same.

What does your family do for the teeth that the kids lose?
Do you have a tooth fairy that comes and pays them for their teeth?

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  1. so cute Toqua. We never had cute things like this when our kids were little. :)



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