Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{CLOSED} Year of the Dragon Pendant ~~GIVEAWAY~~

My one year blogiversary is February 15!
It's been a year of learning I'll tell ya!
I've gone from being so busy that I couldn't keep up to being totally blank and not having a clue as to what to write or post about to where I am now... I believe I've found a happy medium.  I believe I've learned that I'm not one of those bloggers that can post every day with a new project every day.  I've realized too that a daily post is not a requirement.  Really?  Yep, it's true.  

With all this learning I would like to share with you my friends, my readers for sticking it out with me.  :)

I do all sorts of crafts.  I bead ornaments. I make pine needle baskets. I sew. I crochet.  I had a hard time trying to decide what it was I wanted to share with you.  I came across this pattern that I downloaded from Bead & Button some time ago.   I thought, "This will be PERFECT!"

It has crystals on one side and pearls on the other side.

So... in my FIRST EVER attempt of jewelry you get to benefit from! 
I showed it to several of my friends and they've all said, "It's beautiful!"  (I fear my pictures will not have the same effect.)

You can use the pendant with a pin and wear it on your lapel.

You can add a chain or a cord and wear it as a necklace. If you'd like to bead your own chain to go with the pendant I have made the bail big enough that you should be able to easily get other beads through it.  I will include the cord shown with the pendant.

Or you can even use a needle as I have in this photo!  LOL

The bottom bead has a dragon that wraps around it so you can use this as a reminder that you received this pendant in the Year of the Dragon!  :)

My very generous son has offered a key chain fob for you as well!

The white lanyard is glow-in-the-dark and there's orange, pink, and a reddish-glittery one.
What a sweet guy!

To qualify it will be quite easy.
Follow Me ON LINKY FOLLOWERS and leave a comment below stating that you have done that.  Linky Followers is FREE!  :)  You do NOT have to have a blog to join Linky Followers either!  Isn't that a great alternative?!

"As you’ve probably heard, the popular Google Friend Connect  (“GFC”) is going away March 1st for non-Google blog platforms like WordPress, and the scuttlebutt is that it will be eventually phased out completely to be replaced by  Google+. GFC was never really so much an “I follow this blog” tool as it was an attempt at the whole Facebook “friend, like” concept.

Bloggers need a good “follower” tool and one that is not tied to a million other services (seems like Facebook, Twitter and Google are linked to everything else on the Internet).  It needs to be simple, fast, easy-to-use and reliable."

Should you like to share this with friends let me know in a separate comment and you can have a bonus entry.

Oh... and Tweet! If you want to Tweet this <--- Click that link Provide me with the link in your comment below.

There are a total of THREE possible entries per person.

I will do the drawing ON FEBRUARY 15, 2012... the day of my blogiversary!  :)
I will use the True Random Generator from for the drawing.

Good luck!

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